WFOT Learning

WFOT offers a number of modules, publications and resources to promote ongoing professional development in occupational therapy. We aim to advance competent, ethical occupational therapy, which is inclusive, sensitive to local culture context and human rights. Our resources enrich existing areas of occupational therapy practice, research and education and guide evidence-informed, collaborative development of the profession.

WFOT modules, publications and resources are outlined in the sections below.

The WFOT Learning Platform provides access to a range of online learning resources including self-paced modules, micro-learning courses and education hubs. WFOT offers a certificate of completion for many of the resources. Topics of resources included on the Learning Platform are outlined below.

Resettling climate migrants

  • Resettling climate migrants module – introduces learners to challenges faced when working with people who have been displaced due to climate change.
  • Climate migrants: Creating a welcome pack micro-learning course – helps learners to develop a welcome pack to help resettle a family migrating to a new community.
  • Climate migrants: Assessing needs micro-learning course– helps learners develop a resource to support people migrating due to climate change.
  • Climate migrants: Developing a client profile micro-learning course– builds understanding around the conditions faced by people migrating due to climate change.

Working with displaced persons

  • Working with displaced persons module – introduces learners to working with displaced persons and marginalised communities.
  • Nakam, a story of living in limbo micro-learning course– follows a displaced person’s journey into his new life.
  • Nakam’s 3D education hub – builds understanding of a displaced person’s journey through moving through a 3D gallery.

Disaster management

  • Disaster management module – acting as a ‘volunteer’, learners tackle complex issues associated with disaster response, resilience and risk reduction.

Quality Evaluation Strategy Tool

  • Quality Evaluation Strategy Tool module – provides an understanding of the concepts and terminology used by the Quality Evaluation Strategy Tool (QUEST).

WFOT compiles resources available from the Federation and our partner organisations on topical issues for the occupational therapy profession.

Topics of current WFOT resource listings include:

WFOT undertakes projects and initiatives that result in the development of resources that support learning and professional development. Examples include: