WFOT is the official international organisation representing the occupational therapy profession. We set the standard for occupational therapy education internationally and promote excellence in research and practice.

WFOT is a global network of 107 member organisations, representing 633,000 occupational therapists.

As a worldwide body we represent the occupational therapy profession in its role of improving world health and wellbeing. We collaborate with many partners in our work and have been in official relations with the World Health Organization since 1959.

We raise awareness for the profession and provide a platform to celebrate and exchange the diversity of our members.

WFOT enables engaged, meaningful lives, for everyone by advancing occupational therapy excellence.

WFOT promotes occupational therapy as an art and science internationally. The Federation supports the development, use and practice of occupational therapy worldwide, demonstrating its relevance and contribution to society.

Regarding occupational therapy:

  • Occupational therapy provides a valuable contribution to the health and well-being of people by facilitating occupational engagement and performance.

Regarding occupation:

  • WFOT strongly condemns any action or circumstance that infringes the rights of all human beings to live purposeful and engaged lives and to go about their daily business in safety and peace. WFOT fully endorses the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Global conditions that threaten the right to occupation include poverty, disease, social discrimination, displacement, natural and man-made disasters and armed conflict. In addition, the right to occupation is subject to cultural beliefs and customs, local circumstances and institutional power and practices.

Regarding WFOT:

  • The Federation can positively influence health, welfare, education and vocation at an international level.
  • The effectiveness of the Federation is dependent on collaboration with other international organisations.
  • WFOT can positively influence the development of excellence within the profession.
  • The effectiveness of the Federation depends on responsiveness to the professional needs, issues and requirements of members.
  • The Federation must be built on co-operation, high ethical standards and mutual respect at all levels.
  • The Federation engages in political activities and advocacy in matters directly related to its purposes. WFOT will not take a position on a political agenda of any particular national or international party, or of any nation(s), unless it relates to the Federation’s purpose.
  • The success of the Federation is dependent on the development and maintenance of a strong unified leadership of the WFOT Council.
  • Members are the most important asset of WFOT.