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As the only international organisation representing occupational therapy worldwide, WFOT offers a plethora of products and services to serve a global community. Our website continues to be one of our main communication portals.

The website attracts visitors from all over the world including national occupational therapy associations, occupational therapists, students, assistants, other health care professions, governments, policymakers and the general public.

In 2021 our website generated 768,000 page views from 205 different countries.

As an international organisation, our membership comprises of occupational therapists who speak a range of languages. We offer translated documents and online services that enable people to access our publications from wherever they are based.

WFOT’s Facebook Page has over 30,000+ people supporting our work and our Twitter account has 18,700 followers and continuing to grow on daily basis.

We believe that advertising with WFOT not only provides access to the international occupational therapy community, our advertising and sponsorship prices offer unbelievable value for money.

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Placement of advertising either on the WFOT website or in the Bulletin does not imply any endorsement of the advertised products and / or services by the World Federation of Occupational Therapists. Please view our disclaimer for further information.

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