As a not-for-profit organisation, WFOT accepts donations to fund international occupational therapy development and leadership activities. If you want to support the initiatives of WFOT, please make a donation using the link below.

Make a donation to WFOT

Your donation will contribute towards actions including but not limited to:

WFOT Council Participation Fund

WFOT Member Organisations meet every two years at the WFOT Council Meeting. WFOT's Council Participation Fund offers financial support towards airfare for Member Organisation Delegates to attend the Council Meeting. By donating towards WFOT Council Participation Fund, you support the participation of more WFOT Member Organisations from low and middle income countries to attend the Council Meeting.

WFOT Congress Grants Programme

The Congress Grants Programme supports the attendance of occupational therapists from low / middle income countries to a WFOT Congress. By donating towards the Congress Grants Programme, you will support occupational therapists to engage in continuing professional development and global networking regardless of where they live in the world and contribute in promoting professional leadership through dissemination of knowledge gained at Congress.

WFOT Programme Areas

WFOT projects and initiatives are designed to meet WFOT strategic priorities and structured in 4 programme areas:

  1. Leadership and Advocacy
  2. Education
  3. Practice Development
  4. Research

WFOT Learning

The modules and resources contained within WFOT Learning are developed by expert occupational therapists who provide their time on a voluntary basis. The online learning platforms are funded by subscriptions from occupational therapists committed to the global development of the profession. WFOT needs your support to ensure that we can continue to provide learning materials free-of-charge to the international community.

If you wish to donate to WFOT learning please visit the WFOT Learning platform.