Professional support

WFOT has developed a number of resources designed to support occupational therapists and occupational therapy students and assistants in the areas of occupational therapy practice, research and education.

Self-directed online occupational therapy learning modules at WFOT Learning.

Digital stories highlighting the rich and diverse occupations that give meaning to people’s lives on the Occupational Narratives Database.

Tools to understand and implement quality measurement in occupational therapy using QUEST (the Quality Evaluation Strategy Tool).

Articles published in the peer-reviewed WFOT Bulletin at the Bulletin Archive.

A dedicated forum that enables occupational therapists, assistants and students from across the world to network, share ideas and communicate with the profession using OTION (the Occupational Therapy International Online Network).

Guidance for creating a new occupational therapy service using the Occupational Therapy Service Development Manual.

Resource Listings have been compiled by WFOT on topical issues to provide guidance for occupational therapy practice, research and education.