Become a WFOT Individual Member

Who is eligible to be a WFOT Individual Member?

Qualified occupational therapists, occupational therapy students and occupational therapy assistants that are members of a WFOT Member Organisation are eligible to become WFOT Individual Members.

How do I become a WFOT Individual Member?

To become an individual member of the WFOT you must first be a member of a professional occupational therapy association that is a Member Organisation of the WFOT (List of WFOT Member Organisations). In some associations, members are also WFOT Individual members automatically. In others, members need to specifically purchase WFOT Individual Membership through their association.

Please visit the List of WFOT Member Organisations to check if you are a WFOT Individual Member automatically through your association or whether you need to purchase WFOT Individual Membership separately through your association.

If you were educated in a country that is different to the one you are currently working in, it should still be possible for you to become an Individual Member of WFOT, either through the national association of the country you are currently working in or through the national association of the country that you were educated in.