Leadership and Advocacy

We are finding and supporting the voices in occupational therapy to enhance our role in world health and wellbeing.

As the international organisation for the occupational therapy profession, WFOT is responsible for a range of functions related to leadership and advocacy. Disability and human rights are at the core of our work, publications and standards as we advocate for the human right to inclusion and participation in meaningful occupation.

This programme area pioneers the development and evolution of the profession at international, regional and national levels through strategy and vision; standards and governance; collaboration and representation; and support and information.

We are building capacity for the future of the profession by supporting the development of the profession in countries where it does not exist, facilitating the WFOT approved status of education programmes and providing workforce strategies and data and resources to support the growth of the profession.

Strategic and operational plans determine the organisation’s development and business in addition to a range of projects.

Leadership and Advocacy Strategy Tools

Occupational therapists, occupational therapy assistants and occupational therapy students have an important role in advocating for the needs of individuals, communities and populations. WFOT offers resources that can develop leadership and advocacy skills within the profession.

The Toolkit includes:

  • Description of the advocacy process and considerations for an advocacy strategy
  • Advocacy letter samples and templates.

Narratives submitted by WFOT members that provide examples regarding occupational therapy initiatives for influencing change, with an emphasis on analysing lessons learned.

Position Statements are published by WFOT on a broad range of topics to inform and offer support for messages included in a change strategy.

Public Statements provide the WFOT perspective for significant topical issues of relevance to the occupational therapy profession.

This resource contains advice on how to write effective messages for the media.

WFOT description of occupational therapy and guiding principles for the profession.