Occupational Therapy and Humanitarian Response

As a Federation of national and regional occupational therapy associations, WFOT works with member organisations to coordinate actions on behalf of the profession to respond to crises and disasters. In this work, WFOT collaborates with other international partners including the World Health Organization in humanitarian efforts to promote access to occupational therapy and rehabilitation resources to populations in need.

Individuals wanting to provide assistance

Individuals wanting to contribute to humanitarian efforts are recommended to financially support international non-governmental organisations operating in the affected area. Suggested organisations include:

A recommended resource for individuals wanting to donate their services to a humanitarian response is Responding Internationally to Disasters: A Dos and Don’ts Guide for Rehabilitation Professionals

To provide an opportunity to network, share and develop resources regarding humanitarian response, WFOT offers a dedicated FREE online platform. The forum is available on the Occupational Therapy International Online Network (OTION)

Visit Forum on OTION

WFOT Resources

WFOT offers a number of additional resources to assist with a humanitarian response to crises. Free resources available from the WFOT website include: