COVID-19 Pandemic Information and Resources

WFOT recognises the COVID-19 pandemic has had a profound impact on the lives, health and wellbeing of individuals, families and community worldwide. This listing includes resources from WFOT and partner organisations to promote the ongoing provision of quality occupational therapy research, education and practice.

WFOT offers a range of COVID-19 and Post COVID Condition resources and continues to host listings of information, resources and education from around the world relevant to occupational therapy and COVID-19.

Please note that WFOT is not responsible for the content of the material provided by WFOT Member Organisations, Partner organisations and other organisations. Readers are directed to the authors of the documents for any questions or concerns.

Dataset Report: WFOT COVID-19 / Post COVID Condition Survey

Dataset Report: Global Survey Report: The Impact of COVID-19 for Occupational Therapy

WFOT Bulletin Article: The Impact of COVID-19 for Occupational Therapy: Findings and recommendations of a global survey

Work Journal Article: Was a Global Pandemic Needed to Adopt the Use of Telehealth During the Pandemic?

Infographic: Summary of findings - The Impact of COVID-19 for Occupational Therapy: Findings and recommendations of a global survey

Infographic: Summary of findings - Was a Global Pandemic Needed to Adopt the Use of Telehealth During the Pandemic?

Public Statement: Occupational therapy and rehabilitation of people affected by the COVID-19 pandemic

Public Statement: COVID-19 and WFOT Minimum Standards for the Education of Occupational Therapists

Public Statement: Occupational Therapy Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic

Position Statement: Occupational Therapy in Disaster Risk Reduction

Position Statement: Occupational Therapy in Disaster Preparedness and Response

Publication: WFOT Guide for Occupational Therapy First Responders to Disasters and Trauma

Publication: WFOT Disaster Preparedness and Risk Reduction Manual

Online Forum: OTION COVID-19

Online Learning Module: Disaster Management for Occupational Therapists

Endorsed Publication: Early Rehabilitation in Conflicts and Disasters

Endorsed Publication: Responding internationally to disasters

Endorsed Publication: Disaster and Development: an Occupational Therapy Perspective

A full list of Position Statements is available via this link - consider Rehabilitation, Human Displacement, Assistive technology, Telehealth, Mental Health and others.

Writing Press Releases

Argentina - Asociacion Argentina de Terapistas Ocupacionales

Escudo Facial Sochimi Compressed

Consejos para cuidarnos esta cuarentena (poster)

Consejos para cuidarnos esta cuarentena (video)

Adolescentes en cuarentena (video)

Recomendaciones para cuidarnos en esta cuarentena (video)

Algunas Ideas para la primer infancia (video)

Recomendaciones psicologicas para afrontar la pandemia (video)

Australia - Occupational Therapy Australia

COVID-19 Resources

OT Guide COVID Poster (English)

OT Guide COVID (English)

The New Normal: Navigating everyday life during COVID-19

Brazil - Associacao Brasileira dos Terapeutas Ocupacionais (ABRATO)

ABRATO Communication about the Pandemic Coronavirus - COVID-19

Statement from ABRATO about COVID-19

ABRATO Statement about the Ordinance of the Ministry of Health No. 639, of April 2, 2020 Ordinance on the Strategic Action "Brazil is Counting with Me - Health Professionals"

Federal Council of Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy: Resolution n. 516, 2020-03-20. Teleconsultation, Telemonitoring and Teleconsulting

Canada - Canadian Association of Occupational Therapists

Practice Support for Occupational Therapists COVID 19

CAOT COVID-19 Resources

Engagement in Living during the COVID-19 Pandemic and Ensuing Occupational Disruption

Chile - Colegio de Terapeutas Ocupacionales de Chile

Cuaderrno de Actividades de Rahabilitacion COVID-19

Escudo Facial

Telehealth and Occupational Therapy

Manejo de Terapia Ocupacional del Paciente Ambulatorio COVID-19

Impreso COVID-19

Guía de Posicionamiento Prono

Guía de Posicionamiento Prono (triptico)

Guía de Cuidados en el Hogar para Personas con COVID-19

Seguimiento Prono UPC

Colombia - Colegio Colombiano de Terapia Ocupacional

Carta en Rechazo a Convalidaciones

Consejos para tiempos de cuarentena 1

Consejos para tiempos de cuarentena 2

Consejos para ocupar en casa

Procura mantener un equilibrio ocupacional en esta emergencia sanitaria

Aportes a la constuccion de habitos y rutinas ena las transiciones ocupacionales

Informate antes de informar

Pronunciamiento del Colegio Colombiano de Terapia Ocupacional frente a la emergencia por COVID-19

Tele-Terapia Ocupacional 1

Tele-Terapia Ocupacional 2

COTEC - Council of Occupational Therapists for the European Countries

OT Guide COVID (French)

Croatia - Hrvatska udruga radnih terapeuta

COVID 19 related document 1

COVID 19 related document 2

France - Association Nationale Francaise des Ergotherapeutes

Comment s'occuper quand on est confiné

OT Guide COVID (French)

Ergothérapie post COVID - Recommandations professionnelles

Ergothérapie réa et USI covid - Recommandations professionnelles

India - All India Occupational Therapists Association

COVID-19: Revised Advisory from AIOTA

Call for Volunteers

Occupational Therapy Intervention in COVID-19

AIOTA’S Smart Clinical OT Educational Plan during COVID-19 Lock Down

AIOTA'S COVID -19 Lockdown series: e-Learning Modules - description

AIOTA'S COVID -19 series: e-Learning Modules

Ireland - Association of Occupational Therapists of Ireland

AOTI COVID Resources

Italy - Associazione Italiana dei Terapisti Occupazionali

OT Guide COVID (Italian)

AITO COVID-19 Communication

AITO COVID-19 Resources

Malaysia - Malaysian Occupational Therapy Association

Occupational adaptation in the delivery of occupational therapy services during the COVID - 19 pandemic

Netherlands - Ergotherapie Nederland

Guidelines: Occupational therapy in COVID-19 clients during the rehabilitation phase

New Zealand - Occupational Therapy New Zealand | Whakaora Ngangahau Aotearoa

COVID-19 Activity Recommendation Toolkit

Philippines - Philippine Academy of Occupational Therapists

PAOT Guidelines on the Utilization of Telehealth

PAOT Interim Guidelines on the Practice of OT amidst the COVID-19 situation (updated May 2020)

PAOT Official Statement on COVID-19 Situation (17 March 2020)

Saudi Arabia - Saudi Occupational Therapy Association

OT Guide COVID (Arabic)

Slovenia - Slovenian Association of Occupational Therapists

Slovenian Association Official Statement (Slovenian)

Sri Lanka - Sri Lanka Society of Occupational Therapists

SLSOT statement on the current outbreak of Coronavirus (COVID- 19)

OT Guide COVID (Tamil)

OT Guide COVID (Sinhalese)

United States of America - American Occupational Therapy Association

AOTA COVID 19 Update for Occupational Therapy Practitioners

COVID-19 & OT Free Webinars (available on the AOTA Store within 24 hours of the live event)

Occupational Therapy in Hospitals & Inpatient Care: Responding to a Pandemic Wednesday, April 1 11 a.m.–12:30 p.m. ET

From Onsite to Online: Addressing Students' Needs Through a Telehealth Service Delivery Model (For School Systems) Thursday, April 2 1:30–3 p.m. ET

OT & Coronavirus

An Ethical Response to COVID-19

Practitioner Well-Being

COVID-19 & Online CE

Global Rehabilitation Alliance

GRA Position Statement on COVID-19 - Revised

United Nations Economic and Social Council

ECOSOC and the CORONAVIRUS (COVID-19) Outbreak

World Health Organization

WHO Academy’s COVID-19 mobile learning app - Apple App Store, Google Play Store

Health and Safety of health workers in COVID-19 Survey - CLOSED - Available in English, Chinese, French, German, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Swahili

WHO Mental Health and Psychosocial Considerations During COVID-19 Outbreak

COVID 19 Myth-busters

Infection prevention and control

Mental health considerations during COVID 19 outbreak

Mental health considerations during COVID 19 outbreak (French)

Online training resources related to COVID 19

Rights, roles and responsibilities of health workers, including key considerations for occupational safety and health

Situation reports

Coping with Stress during COVID-19 - English, French, Arabic, Chinese, Russian, Spanish

Helping children cope with stress during COVID-19

Social stigma associated with COVID-19 (Powerpoint presentation)

Social Media Cards

COVID-19 Clinical management: living guidance, 25 January 2021

ONLINE COURSE: Clinical management of patients with COVID-19 - Rehabilitation of patients with COVID-19

Global Clinical Data Platform of COVID-19 - Data for public health response

In the wake of the pandemic: Preparing for Long COVID - WHO Europe publication

Short WHO rehabilitation management animation videos for people recovering from COVID-19 on the topics of:

  1. Techniques to manage breathlessness
  2. Managing eating, drinking and swallowing
  3. Managing problem of voice
  4. Managing activities of daily living
  5. Exercises after illness
  6. Managing problem with attention, memory and thinking

Health workforce policy and management in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic response

Rehabilitation needs of people recovering from COVID-19 - Scientific Brief

COVID-19 Clinical management: Living Guideline

Australian Physiotherapy Association

Physiotherapy management for COVID-19 in the acute hospital setting: clinical practice recommendations - English, Spanish

Brazilian Journal of Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy role in times of pandemic - Editorial

General Council of Occupational Therapy Colleges (CGCTO)

Executive Summary COVID-19TO Study

Fonoaudiologia y Terapia Ocupacional - Sodiedad Chilena de Medicina Intensiva

Cuaderno de Actividades de Rehabilitacion COVID-19

Inter-Agency Standing Committee

IASC Interim Briefing Note Addressing Mental Health and Psychosocial (MHPSS) aspects of COVID-19 Outbreak

Supplementary Orientation Slides

Information Note on inclusion of COVID-19 MHPSS activities in humanitarian and country response plans

My Hero is You, How kids can fight COVID-19 (available in English, Ukrainian, Malay, Arabic, Spanish, German, Turkish, Danish, French, Chinese, Portuguese, Russian)

International Disability Alliance

Toward a Disability-Inclusive COVID19 Response: 10 recommendations from the International Disability Alliance

International Disability Alliance COVID 19 Response

McMaster University

Rehabilitation for Patients with COVID-19

Taylor and Francis

The Taylor and Francis microsite at consolidates journal and book resources related to the COVID 19 Pandemic. The site is updated based on daily keyword scans of articles in production to ensure that all COVID-19 research is available free at the point of publication.

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