Member Organisations

A global community of occupational therapists seeking to improve their practice, its recognition on an international level and its understanding in the wider world health context. We are their platform for debate and knowledge and their support for research and credentials.

Organisation Membership - Organisation Membership is open in each sovereign or city state or territory and area to one professional organisation of qualified occupational therapists which shall be admitted either as a voting Full Membership to the Council if at least one education programme meets the Minimum Standards of the WFOT or as a non-voting Associate Membership to the Council if those Standards regarding the education programme are not met or no programme exists.

Regional Membership – Regional organisations may become Regional Members of the Federation provided that they have articles of association or any similar articles congruent with the WFOT’s, a regional structure approved by WFOT and comprise the geopolitical regions of the United Nations. This is a non-voting category.

The list of WFOT Member Organisations

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