Primary Contact & Education programme Admin roles discontinued

Thank you to those who have been using the WFOT website “Primary Contact”/“Education programme Admin” roles to make updates regarding your association’s details/education programme details directly on the WFOT website.

A review on the usage of the “Primary Contact” and “Education Programme Admin” roles/accounts found that these features are not used by the majority of Member Organisations, who continue to send us information by email.

As a result, these roles have been discontinued as of 1st September 2023. We request that any information you would like to update on the WFOT website regarding your association’s details/education programme details be sent to WFOT by email.

Note that all Individual Members lists should also be sent to WFOT in a password-protected file via email only.

Delegates or Alternates who are also Primary Contacts or Education Programme Admins, will continue to have access to their account in the Delegate/Alternate and Individual member roles.

If you have any questions, please email [email protected]