FAQs - WFOT Bulletin

This page covers general FAQs about the discontinuation of the publishing agreement with Taylor & Francis and the WFOT Bulletin

The Bulletin was established in the 1970s to share information regarding the work of WFOT and member organisations. Given the rise of digital communications, methods used by WFOT to communicate have changed tremendously since that time. In addition to the Bulletin, WFOT now hosts a website, e-newsletter and a social media presence. A recent review showed that information in the Bulletin is not frequently accessed by readers with low numbers of submissions received. The WFOT Council therefore made the decision to reinvest the considerable resources spent in publishing the WFOT Bulletin with Taylor & Francis in alternate ways of communicating with the occupational therapy community.

WFOT will no longer publish a peer reviewed scientific journal with an external publisher after 2023. WFOT will be undertaking a communications review to determine how to optimally reinvest our limited resources to better meet the needs of the Federation and the occupational therapy community. The communications review will consider how the Bulletin content can be developed in a different and contemporary format.

New submissions for publication in the Bulletin will be suspended from the 1st December 2022. Submissions already accepted for publication will be published in the Bulletin in 2023. Papers submitted before 1st December 2022 will be considered for publication in the Bulletin in 2023.

WFOT plans to make the archive of past WFOT Bulletin issues available free to individual WFOT members via the WFOT website. Taylor & Francis will also continue to host the archive of WFOT Bulletin papers on its website for readers wishing to purchase the content.