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3rd ASEAN Conference on Healthy Ageing (ACHA) 2024

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The ASEAN Conference on Healthy Ageing 2024 has been organized with the purpose of highlighting and addressing the various challenges and issues with regards to healhty ageing, from a holistic perspective. This conference acts as a platform to discuss the unique challenges of ageing faced throughout the ASEAN continent, which encompasses cultural, ethnic and religious aspects, in addition to global ageing concerns.

The conference will provide participants with the opportunity to enhance their professional development with regards to critical issues in ageing and gain a more holistic understanding on the subject. Furthermore, the conference also offers an excellent platform to network with some of the most eminent thought leaders and prominent minds in the field of ageing.

Book your seat. Explore the world of ageing through the ASEAN Conference on Healhty Ageing 2024 in realising the potential to “Ageing Successfully – Equitably, Actively and Naturally”.

To view the brochure please visit the website.