Explanation of Designations of Education Programme Status

“Approval Ongoing”

A programme described as "Approval Ongoing" meets the following criteria:

  • Currently admits students
  • Offers an occupational therapy curriculum
  • Has current WFOT approval status

“Approval Discontinued”

Programmes described as "Approval Discontinued" refer to:

  • Education programmes that did not apply for re-approval;
  • Education programmes that were reviewed, but did not meet the WFOT Minimum Standards for the Education of Occupational Therapists 2016;
  • Education programmes that are no longer running; or
  • Education programmes that remain running, but under a different institution name. The new institution name for such programmes is documented in the ‘approval ongoing’ listing. The previous institution name is similarly recorded in the listing of the ‘approval discontinued’ education programme.


A programme that displays as "Approved" currently holds WFOT approval.

“In Review”

A programme that displays as "In Review" is due for review in the current year.

“Past Review”

If a programme shows as "Past Review", the year when its review was due has passed. The reasons for this status include:

  • WFOT has not been notified of the review having taken place;
  • The review process is still underway;
  • The review process has not yet been initiated