Advice for People Requiring Proof of Graduation from a WFOT Approved Education Programme

If you have been asked to provide proof that you have graduated from a WFOT approved programme, please search for your education programme and create a screen print of the relevant webpage on the WFOT website. This type of document is usually accepted by organisations such as regulatory bodies and employers. Please note that WFOT is not able to provide you with a certificate of verification.

Education programmes that are not listed on the WFOT website may not have applied for WFOT approval or the processing of their approval application may be underway. If you cannot find your programme in this list, you are advised to contact the relevant Member Organisation for more information regarding the status of the programme.

If your programme appears in this list but was not WFOT approved at the time of your graduation, you are advised to contact your Member Organisation and/or university. It may be possible for the organisation to apply for retroactive approval for your education programme at the time of your graduation.