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University of Applied Science - FH Gesundheit Innsbruck/Tyrol

Bachelor of Science in Health Studies – Occupational Therapy


The study programme initially covers the basics of human sciences relevant to occupational therapy. It then introduces to all relevant topics regarding occupational therapy and occupational science: occupation and activity as a therapeutic means, intervention planning, consultation, coaching, and therapeutic intervention. Various topics related to health promotion and prevention are important content of the study programme. During your studies you will attend several lectures with students from other study programmes to prepare you for working in an interprofessional team in the future. Such experience substantiates the importance of collaboration across all disciplines in order to expand your horizon beyond your own professional focus During your practical training, you will be working directly with clients and their relatives while being supervised by experienced occupational therapists. This will allow you to get to know the various fields of occupational therapy in health care and society and how they relate to other health professions (e.g. physiotherapists, speech therapists, health care and nursing experts, doctors, social workers, psychologists, pedagogic staff). During the course of your studies you will be required to write your bachelor thesis as a (pre)scientific assignment, answering research questions regarding occupational therapy based on relevant academic and professional literature.