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News from Member Organisations June 2023 - Slovenia

In 2022 Slovenian association of occupational therapists (SAOT) and University Rehabilitation Institute of Slovenia (URI Soča) organized 10th congress of occupational therapists which was held on 9th and 10th May. The congress topic was: “Occupational therapy – New opportunities”. Invited lecturers were president of SAOT dr. Katarina Galof and president of COTEC Anu Söderström. President of WFOT Samantha Shann honoured us with an on-line address.

Occupational therapists from Slovenia introduced their professional knowledge in the form of 22 lectures, 10 workshops and 13 posters. The introduced topics showed the importance and broadness of occupational therapy as a profession and also a new possibility for employment.

In the traditional annual professional event in December 2022, we organize one-day lectures and awards for achievements in the professional field.

In October 2023 the SAOT is celebrating its 30th anniversary. Executive committee of SAOT is already preparing for the festive event. The SAOT will be hosted COTEC General Assembly. We look forward to meeting and socializing with colleagues from European countries.