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News from Member Organisations - June 2023 - Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia

On March 15th, 2023, Latin American Occupational Therapy Journals' editors and publishers met to discuss possible partnerships. The Network originates in the meeting organized by the journal ContexTO of the Universidad Central (Chile), which took place in January of this year. At that moment, editorial teams raised shared regional interests and needs. The network meeting brought joint and collaborative action opportunities, creating work groups to address them. The Network will meet every two months to organize its activities. This is a unique opportunity that will allow elevating the constant work done by the editors to maintain the creation and dissemination of Latin American Occupational Therapy knowledge.

1. Revista Ocupación Humana

2. Revista Chilena de Terapia Ocupacional

3. Revista ContexTO

4. Revista Interinstitucional Brasileira de Terapia Ocupacional-REVISBRATO

5. Revista Argentina de Terapia Ocupacional

6. Revista de Terapia Ocupacional da Universidades de Sao Paulo

7. Cadernos Brasileiros de Terapia Ocupacional

8. Revista de Estudiantes de Terapia Ocupacional