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News from Member Organisations June 2023 - Argentina


March 13, 2023

Since 2007 AATO regularly participates in the meetings of the National Advisory Commission for the Exercise of University Degree Professions in Health, of the National Ministry of Health representing OT in Argentina, for the uniformity of bachelor's degrees in OT, for the recognition of current OT specializations via residences and academics and the creation and recognition of new ones.

Recently the National Ministry of Health , based on our national occupational therapy law 27.051/14 which provides the specialties to practice (Chap, IX) approved the recognition of certification of Occupational Therapist specialist in Community Health through Resolution 1549 /22. Please view here.

Colleagues who have completed an Interdisciplinary Residency in Mental Health (RISAM in Spanish) will be able to certify a specialty in Community Mental Health. They must start the process here.

In addition, we remind you that those who have obtained specialization in: Public Health, Health Services Audit, Health Services Management and Epidemiology, considered multi-professional specialties, may also obtain their specialist certificate by Resolution 1549/22. The procedure to start the file can be viewed here.

Specialist certificate without examination: this procedure authorizes advertising as a specialist health professional in the field of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires. You can request the registration of medical, dental, nursing, psychology, occupational therapy and music therapy specialties in the Ministry of Health of the Nation to announce yourself as such. Keep in mind that the specialty is certified only once, with a single title or certificate, that is, if you certify with a certificate of recognized residence, then you cannot do it with any other.

At AATO we continue to work for the recognition, hierarchy, development of our profession, quality of training and rights of all colleagues in the country.

March 14, 2023

Important information to schedule

Date: September 7 to 9 - Schedule

Location: Córdoba Convention Center


There is little left until you can register for the XI Argentine Congress of Occupational Therapy. We will tell you a little about the categories that will be available in the face-to-face mode, the modes of participation and the values. This registration will be a promotional sale, with limited space. The categories are distinguished between students and professionals, and we have a special discount for people who are associated and/or collegiate to a Professional Association of occupational therapy.







Participation in virtual format

We continue working so that the Congress turns out great, and you can access all the productions, experiences and news in the development of Occupational Therapy in the country and the region. For this we are still agreeing on the best options for those who participate in virtual format.

This information will be available from the month of April, as well as the possibilities of registering for this modality.


We are planning the Pre-Congress for the 6th of September. Schedule the date as there will be many activities designed for you.

Job submission

The deadline for the submission of papers will be March 31, we are looking forward to hearing about your experiences, research papers and proposals. Remember that there are several categories and modalities of presentation. You can see the Requirements for the presentations.

Some issues to keep in mind:

  • At least one author of the selected works must be registered to Congress.
  • Remember that it is necessary that you complete and sign in your own handwriting the Assignment of Rights Document when you send your work. All the authors must sign this document.
  • Each author may submit up to 3 (three) works individually and/or in groups.

Calls for evaluators

We opened an extension of the call for evaluators, since we had several interested parties who did not register in the first call. Please, if you are interested, or the deadline is February 28, don't let it pass you by!

Remember that you will need to upload your updated curriculum, keep it handy when completing the form.

Once the applications are completed and the selection is made, those who are selected to constitute the team of evaluators will be informed via email. Once the applications are completed and the selection is made, those who are selected to constitute the team of evaluators will be informed via email. Due to the extension of the call, this commission will be constituted for the month of April.

Writing Course

On March 1, this space begins to work on basic academic writing tools. You are still in time to sign up, there are 4 meetings in virtual mode, to accompany you to present your work in Congress.

Coordinates Florencia Itovich.

Reports to [email protected]


We launch the call to participate as a sponsor of our Congress. Information on commercial proposals may be requested by email [email protected]


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If you have any further questions or queries, write to us at [email protected]

Go ahead and pack your bags, we'll be waiting for you in Córdoba!

April 28, 2023

With great joy, we share the first of the AATO postgraduate update courses that our virtual campus inaugurates. A new institutional challenge in pursuit of strengthening the professional practice.

March 1st, 2023

As every May 1st, Labor Day is commemorated.

Access to work is a right for all people and from our discipline we have tools to be able to accompany these processes. From the OT Chapter in the workplace, we invite you to learn about and rethink the contributions of Occupational Therapy by accompanying workers in their experiences of entering the labor market.

May 9, 2023

Today the certificates of specialist in Community Mental Health and Clinical Psychology were delivered to different health professionals, including fellow therapists occupational.

We share an extract of the note published by the Ministry of Health of the Nation and we share it so that you can read it:

"For the first time, the Ministry is registering occupational therapists in its records of specialists, who until now were trained in residences but did not have the possibility of registering as specialists. Based on regulatory changes and the incorporation of new processes, the registration as specialists of all health professions that are established by law. Along this path, the Argentine Association of Occupational Therapy played a key role in achieving regulatory changes and accompanying the interests of the professional group."


In the photo, our president, Lic. Andrea Albino together with Lic. Sara Daneri and the colleagues who received their certificates.



During May, registrations for the XI Argentine Congress of Occupational Therapy. We invite you to join the XI Argentine Congress of Occupational Therapy that will take place from September 7 to 9 of this year in the city of Córdoba.

This Congress will be a unique opportunity to meet colleagues from both Argentina and abroad, learn from expert professionals in various fields and share knowledge.

The motto of the Congress is "Transiting Occupational Therapy from Interdependence", since as Occupational Therapists we recognize and celebrate interdependence.

The audience will be able to enjoy a variety of presentations and workshops, which include conferences, rounds, research papers, among others.

Argentine and foreign residents can register throughout the month of May by visiting our official website www.actoc.com.ar.

Don't miss the opportunity to participate in this important event for our profession, connect with colleagues, network and make new professional connections.

We will wait for you!


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