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Physiopedia MOOC 2022 | FREE Online Course on Understanding the Rehabilitation Needs of Displaced Persons

This year’s highly anticipated FREE Physiopedia MOOC is about understanding the rehabilitation needs of displaced persons, and is a collaboration between Physiopedia and the USAID-funded Learning, Acting, and Building for Rehabilitation in Health Systems (ReLAB-HS) team.

Starting 5 September, the course is for all rehabilitation professionals, students and assistants. This course will be free to access, anywhere in the world, for 8 weeks. There will be around 4–6 hours of work each week.

The programme will include four separate courses:

• Global Context for Displaced Persons

• Health and Well Being within the Context of Working with Displaced Persons

• Communication and Trauma Informed Care for Displaced Persons

• Considerations for Working with Different Displaced Person Populations

Please click here for more information on the course. Please visit the website to register.