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News from Member Organisations March 2022 - Rwanda





Rwanda Occupational Therapy Association (RWOTA) is a 7 years’ professional entity of Occupational Therapists in Rwanda. It is registered under No 361/RGB/NGO/OC/12/2017.

Currently, we count 36 Occupational Therapists who are members. RWOTA is guided by the following 3 major themes;

1.To promote the occupational therapy profession in Rwanda.

2.To ensure evidence-based occupational therapy practice.

3. To sustain quality of occupational therapy services.

In 2019, RWOTA with HI partner conducted a mentorship needs assessment among 27 OT graduates to identify the needs of young graduates and proposed a well-designed and contextualized mentorship program through the professional association. It is in this regard RWOTA organized this mentorship program. The training is designed to be provided by different Occupational Therapists from crosscutting areas of practices like universities, hospitals, rehabilitation centers, research and also from different countries and cultures. It comes to help Occupational therapists to advance their knowledge and skills in different areas of occupational therapy practice.

The program will have three trimesters, the first trimester started from February 5th /2022 to May 14th, the second trimester from June 4th to July 16th and the third trimester from August 6th to November 2022. Therefore, we have already covered geriatric course, and now we are progressing with Orthopedic. Moreover, we will also cover different courses which are Hand and Upper limb rehabilitation, Neurology and Pediatrics. The participants are more active during training and attend at 100%. According to their testimonies, the participants showed much interest in continuing this mentorship as long as it is helping them to be competent respectively their working settings. In addition, they are getting the Continuous professional development credits which are required to renew the Practicing License and they are supposed to get it after paying, however, they are all getting them only using their internet. All OTs admired this program as it is facilitating them to obtain continuous training courses related to OT profession.

Thus the learning process is ongoing and sharpening the practical skills with updated knowledge, and improving the capability of using evidence based treatment approaches.

On behalf of RWOTA members many thanks to all Mentors involved in this mentorship program.

My thanks go also to all RWOTA members active in this professional activity

RWOTA Chairperson

Below you will see photos from our online Mentorship programme. So far we have already covered geriatric topic by Mr. David Thomforde and Amputation for lower limb by Mr Denis Tuttle.

Rwanda 1 March 2022