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News from Member Organisations December 2022 - Rwanda

Rwanda Occupational Therapy Association - Achieved Activities 2022

  • In collaboration with Humanity &Inclusion RWOTA have been able to do research under the title: Stakeholders Contribution in the Development of Occupational Therapy Profession and Impact of the Profession in Rwanda (September 2021). This is still in progress for reviewers and after we go to the next step for publication.

This research paper has been published in November 2022, in Open journal of Therapy and Rehabilitation

  • RWOTA have been able to develop a research project under the title of: Impact of specific e-therapy application in advancing occupational therapy intervention in low resourced country. Case study of Rwanda (June 2021). This is under review in WFOT Bulletin for publication.

This research paper has been published in November 2022, in the : World Federation of Occupational Therapists Bulletin

  • RWOTA participated in the development of; Rwanda Rehabilitation Strategic Plan 2022-2029 organized by; MoH in collaboration with WHO and in partnership with ICRC now the document is at the final stage waiting for Launching.
  • RWOTA organized an online Mentorship program started in February 2022 and end November 2022

List of 5 topics covered in the mentorship

1. Occupational therapy in Geriatrics

2. Occupational therapy in intensive care unit and Lower extremity amputation with an OT perspective

3. Hand and Upper limb rehabilitation

4. Applied Behaviour Analysis(ABA) and School based Occupational Therapy

5. Occupational Therapy in Neurology and overview of Long COVID’s impact on return to work and use of a self-management approach

  • RWOTA attended the WFOT council meeting in Paris and the WFOT congress with 3 presentations and received a stone gift on the occasion of commemorating 70th WFOT anniversary.

  • RWOTA mobilized OT students to become Individual member of the WFOT and 7 students joined.

View RWOTA's report Word Occupational Therapy Day 2022 celebrations here.