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News from Member Organisations December 2022 - Portugal


In 2012, the first interest group of the Portuguese Association of Occupational Therapists was created, by Joana Pinto and Vânia Prates Afonso, under the acronym GIETO (Interest Group on Aging and Occupational Therapy). This group was conceived and created to be a meeting point for occupational therapists interested in developing the profession in the approach to the elderly.

GIETO's main goals are to share and discuss clinical cases; develop professional skills through continuing training; discuss documentation related to the subject of aging; develop and disseminate standards of practice; promote debate and scientific research; production of documents and position statements relating to the profession in the specific area of aging; develop campaigns and projects in the community; establish partnerships with other community institutions/associations. In 2021 the group has concluded the document describing the competencies of the occupational therapist working with the elderly. This year, 2022, GIETO started the directory of occupational therapists working in different contexts of intervention with the elderly. We are also developing a document of the therapeutic interventions of the occupational therapist in aging. For more information visit the official site here.