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News from Member Organisations March 2021 - Portugal

The Portuguese Association of Occupational Therapists launched a children's book with the aim of promoting the profession to the general public. Intitule “A World without Color”, the story is based on a child whose world “lost its colors”, a consequence of the sadness she felt for seeing so many people around her without being able to be independent and autonomous in their daily lives. To help her and those around her, the Occupational Therapist of her school makes everything change, causing the recover of “the colors” again… In addition to promoting the profession, the book also addresses the importance of school inclusion, with a captivating history that is not leaving children and parents indifferent, leading them to know a little more about the work of an occupational therapist. It is currently on sale, being available only in the Portuguese version, and may be the first of several books of its kind that may still come out.

Marco Rodrigues

Portuguese Alternate