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News from Member Organisations March 2021 - Norway


The Norwegian Association of Occupational Therapists, Ergoterapeutene, held Congress in October 2020. A new strategic plan was made, and a new board was elected, including President and Vice President. Tove Holst Skyer was elected new President. Nils Erik Ness, was given honour and thanks for his enormous contribution to occupational therapy in Norway, through his years as Vice President and President of the association.

The new board (see picture) has now started its work, in cooperation with the entire association, to achieve steps towards the strategic goals that Congress decided on.

norway.jpg#asset:25300The national board of the Norwegian Association of Occupational Therapists. Board member Morten Severin Hoel was not present when the picture was taken.

The strategic goals for the next three years are:

  • Promote and develop occupational therapists’ contribution to a sustainable society and sustainable health and welfare services
  • Work towards knowledge-based occupational therapy to all inhabitants, being given when needed
  • Promote participation and early intervention for children and young people
  • Increase membership numbers and the number of motivated shop assistants in the association


The last 11 months have been quite the challenge, even though Norway has been recognized for handling the pandemic well. Covid-19 changed everyday life and how occupational therapists worked. Last spring, occupational therapy services were closed down or given only when considered highly necessary. Many of our members took on new tasks, and we are very proud of their efforts to contribute during this pandemic.

The need for rehabilitation has increased, as a result of Covid-19. Those who did not get services during the outbreak are now in need of strengthened efforts. In addition, patients who have recovered from Covid-19 need long term rehabilitation, to regain function and independence in their everyday life.

Our organization has had a well functioning digital platform for many years. Still, we have had to make even better use of the possibilities during Covid-19. Having all meetings, courses and larger events on a digital platform is both rewarding and limiting. Gatherings are a very important part of our organizational work. Although we are grateful that our boards, shop assistants and members have grasped the digital possibilities, we are very much looking forward to more normalcy, after the pandemic.