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News from Member Organisations June 2021 - Belgium

News from Belgium

The Belgian OT association NBFE-FNBE (soon Ergotherapy Belgium) and its regional associations Union Professionnelle des Ergothérapeutes (UPE) and Ergotherapy Vlaanderen (EV) are proud to announce the online start of the first Belgian online patient file, designed by occupational therapists, for occupational therapists.

This was made possible thanks to the cooperation of the IT company Q-Top, which has made the tool OT-Pro compliant with modern IT requirements and the Belgian regulations.


OT-PRO: a revolutionary, innovative digital tool for and by occupational therapists.

This digital tool was built in association with the University College PXL. It makes the creation of an occupational patient file through the OT way of clinical reasoning. By choosing a target group, the system filters the possible ICF-coresets and automatically suggests a clear questionnaire in domains throughout the coresets. Visit the ot-pro website here.


From the WHO, but also from Europe, governments emphasize the importance of evidence-based practice in occupational therapy. Furthermore, the use of the ICF as a common tool across disciplines is emphasized.


OT-PRO is a digital tool that is therapeutically based and was developed in cooperation with the OT research center of the University College PXL. The tool guides clinical reasoning and enables evidence-based practice. It is based on the ICF and helps to register and describe the different aspects of the functioning of the client, to set goals, and map out an internal intervention process.


This presentation demonstrates the practical use of the tool. The importance of ICF-coresets will be demonstrated throughout several clinical cases from elderly care, physical rehabilitation, and developmental disorders.

Results and or practice implications

Statistics and reporting can be drawn through the system of uniformed registration. How many treatments and how much time does it take each classification of the human functioning to arrive at which result? This will lead to improving treatment methods.

The tool was launched beginning of 2021 and will have to reach a critical number of users before measurements can take place.

We use the tool to produce reports and follow-up, clearly and unambiguously described for each care provider. This multidisciplinary collaboration will lead to more effective treatment.


The quality of occupational therapy services will increase this is the only reason for the existence of OT-Pro.

For report,

Pierre Seeuws

Co-President NBFE-FNBE (soon Ergotherapie Belgium)

WFOT-delegate Belgium