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News from Member Organisations September 2020 - Trinidad and Tobago

Trinidad and Tobago Occupational Therapy Association (TTOTA)

We extend warm greetings to all national associations and occupational therapy colleagues around the world. The Trinidad and Tobago Occupational Therapy Association (TTOTA) has been coping well despite the almost five-month lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The 23 TTOTA members have replaced monthly in-person meetings with monthly Zoom meetings. Practitioners have been doing teletherapy as able and as a result, members have offered continuing educational webinars on teletherapy and related best practice topics. The association has also liaised closely with the Association of Caribbean Occupational Therapists and the Taiwan Occupational Therapy Association to share information and deliver webinars.

The first graduate cohort of the Master of Science in Occupational Therapy at the University of the Southern Caribbean (USC) are now all registered to practice in Trinidad and Tobago through the Council of Professions Related to Medicine (CPRM) in the Ministry of Health. The second completed cohort is due to walk in a graduation ceremony which is delayed for safety reasons until November 2020. Some have already become registered in readiness to join the workforce. USC is adapting to the new norm of COVID-19 and is continuing to teach the current third cohort in innovative ways. The programme is currently accepting student applications.

TTOTA is delighted to welcome this first generation of indigenously educated occupational therapists and pledges to support them through a customized one-year mentorship programme it is offering in collaboration with the CPRM.

As founding chairman of TTOTA I, Lesley Garcia, will be stepping down this year from my role as the last of the initial founding legal directors of the association. After 16 years of service in this capacity and seeing the growth of the association I am confident to hand over to the next generation of association directors. The new directorship will be comprised of members of the current executive committee: Shivani Maynard, Chairman, Raquel Martinez, Secretary and Khamara-Lani Tarradath, Public Relations Officer. Together we wish all our colleagues around the world continued health, peace and safety. We look forward to celebrating World OT Day with you in October!