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News from Member Organisations December 2020 - Argentina

August 1st

Meeting with the Authors of Palliative Care.


August 20th

Approval of the Chamber of Deputies of the bill and college of occupational therapy. Our warmest congratulations to the OT Associations of the province of Buenos Aires for their commitment over many years. Unity in the struggle is the path of the entire collective.


September 4th

Higher Education Law

Incorporation of Occupational Therapy to article 43, a task that the AATO has promoted since the creation of COCATO.

September 10th


Topic: Presentation XI Argentine Congress of Occupational Therapy


September 12th

The Library Chapter invites you to the "Meeting with the Editors" ... Editorial Committee of the Argentine Journal of Occupational Therapy.


September 18th

Today we participate together with Precarious Providers in Health and Education, Afaprei and United Disability Providers in the presentation of a petition to the Presidency of the Nation and to the Chief of Cabinet of Ministers to request:

- no to disability adjustment

- yes to treatments 2021

- no to the 0% increase

- yes to the card feed for pcd


September 22nd

Ordinary and Extraordinary General Assembly for the associates of the ARGENTINE ASSOCIATION OF OCCUPATIONAL THERAPISTS.


September 24th

From the Annual Meeting, the following minimum ethical fees for Occupational Therapy benefits emerge. http://www.terapia-ocupacional.org.ar/preguntas-frecuentes/.


October 1st

The WFOT, through our AATO-WFOT chapter, disseminates the sustained work of all our members. News from Member Organizations, September 2020.


October 5th

AATO Gerontology Chapter invites you to a free workshop: Construction of Virtual Therapeutic Spaces for Cognitive Stimulation.

Lic. T.O. Evangelina Blanco and Lic. María Jimena Garriga Zucal.


October 5th

First virtual meeting of occupational therapy in the Argentine Northwest. Professional experiences in the various intervention contexts.


October 14th

Press conference. Important information for colleagues and future colleagues. AATO.


October 15th

We celebrate with emotion the sanction of the law of professional practice and the College of Occupational Therapy of the Province of Buenos Aires.

We celebrate the synergistic work of three professional associations, AMTO-ABATO and ATOPBA, who firmly supported the struggle of the professional group. This titanic effort is what Associations and Colleges do daily for the present and the future of Occupational Therapy.


October 24th

IV Meeting: Occupational Therapy in the school environment.

Experiences of Occupational Therapy in education.

This activity included the presentation of experiences of Occupational Therapists who work at different educational levels and modalities. It was held for the first time virtually, reaching a large number of viewers not only from Argentina but also from other countries in the region. The aim of this activity is the exchange of good practices and the strengthening of our discipline in this area of intervention.


October 31st

The AATO Library Chapter invites you to meet the Authors

Occupational Therapy in Sensory Integration