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Early Rehabilitation in Conflicts and Disaster

New Open Access Publication - Early Rehabilitation in Conflicts and Disaster

The AO Foundation and Humanity and Inclusion have worked together to produce the new open access publication Early Rehabilitation in Conflicts and Disaster. WFOT representatives served as expert reviewers for this publication aimed at providing support and guidance to rehabilitation professionals preparing to work in this challenging area of practice. Topics include an overview of key issues in delivery of rehabilitation in disaster contexts, as well as management of specific injuries such as fractures, burns and amputations. Free access to the online publication is available from https://hi.org/en/early-rehabilitation-in-conflicts-and-disasters

WFOT would like to recognise the volunteer efforts of the following WFOT representatives who contributed to the publication review: Leila Abbasi, Aryan Shamili, Evans Obara Obaigwa, Nilzo Fialho, Sara Abdo, Elisabete Roldão, Allison Naber and Kit Sinclair.