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Cochrane Rehabilitation COVID-19 Evidence-based Response

WFOT works with Cochrane Rehabilitation to promote evidence-based research, education and practice in occupational therapy. Occupational therapists are encouraged to access Cochrane Rehabilitation for the latest evidence regarding COVID-19 and rehabilitation at https://rehabilitation.cochrane.org/resources/cochrane-rehabilitation-versus-covid-19. This highly important information is reliable and updated on a monthly basis.

The Cochrane Rehabilitation COVID-19 Evidence-based Response (REH-COVER ) action includes:

  1. an evidence-based living mapping of all the current evidence (https://rehabilitation.cochrane.org/sites/rehabilitation.cochrane.org/files/public/uploads/covid/evidmap_table.html)
  2. a living rapid systematic review of all the current evidence updated every month (https://rehabilitation.cochrane.org/covid-19/reh-cover-rapid-living-systematic-reviews)
  3. a list of research priorities produced in collaboration with the WHO rehabilitation programme (to be published soon)
  4. a Special Collection of Cochrane Systematic Reviews in the Cochrane Library (to be published soon)
  5. a series of rapid reviews on evidence about expected rehabilitation needs due to COVID-19 (in production) .

The REH-COVER action is led with an international multidisciplinary Steering Committee, that includes occupational therapists.