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WHO Knowledge Action Portal for noncommunicable diseases

Introducing the Knowledge Action Portal for noncommunicable diseases launched November 22nd

The KAP simplifies access to NCD information, including a range of resources, news, and campaigns.
Sign up today at www.who.int/KAP.

• The KAP is a new community driven platform which aims to connect and engage the NCD
community to advance collaborative action, acting as a central point for NCD interaction, information
and inspiration.
• The KAP is a tool which highlights the role of WHO to support Governments and a range of other NCD
actors in finding bold and innovative approaches that make collaborative action possible.

• The KAP provides individuals from a variety of diverse backgrounds and skill sets with a centralized
community, providing access to information and people, fuelling new ideas, collaboration and action,
in an interactive and engaging format.

• The KAP aims to merge the trending topic of multistakeholder action, with digital technology to
engage new and existing audiences, including people living with NCDs, to promote collaboration and
the empowerment of individuals to create change within the wider NCD community.
• The KAP is built with and for those wishing to find the common goals to beat NCDs. Engagement is
essential for the community to develop. The future direction of the KAP is guided by the community’s
wants and needs.

• The KAP uses WHO’s leveraging power to approach new forms of engagement, while safeguarding the
community against any real or perceived conflicts of interest.