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Lecturer - University of Guyana

The University of Guyana (UG), South America, is seeking a lecturer in Occupational Therapy for the academic years starting in September of 2018 and beyond.  The lecturer would be responsible for curriculum development, teaching the fourth year classes and supervision for fourth year clinicals and final clinical placements.  Placement sites include a children’s rehabilitation center, two geriatric facilities and a public hospital.  No placement in psychosocial treatment facilities are currently available.  The successful candidate will need skills of teaching in a low-tech environment, with focus on using local materials to make adaptive equipment since specialized equipment such as thermoplastics and sophisticated wheelchairs are not available.  This is good training for the occupational therapy students since supplies in future employment sites are apt to be limited.

UG is also seeking volunteers who are interested in teaching short courses. Those interested in applying for these positions should contact the Coordinator of the Medical Rehabilitation Program at UG, Dr Villareal (msvillareal2013@yahoo.com) or the Head of the Public Health Department, Rev Holder (ketannah@gmail.com)