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Optimal care for the management of older people with frailty non-weight bearing after lower limb fracture: a consensus study protocol

Purpose: This study aims to seek consensus about the best care for older people whose management involves being non-weight bearing after a lower limb fracture such as a broken ankle, shin or thighbone. Our aim is to produce guidance to offer these patients the best treatment possible and to provide a basis for research to improve treatment further.

Procedure for completing the survey: You will be asked to answer an online survey – which will be repeated twice more (i.e. three times in total) at monthly intervals. In each round, you will be asked to rate your agreement with a series of statements by marking ‘agree’ or ‘disagree’ and a box for free text comments will be provided for you to suggest amendments or clarifications to the statements if you cannot agree or disagree.

How anonymity of data will be ensured: Data will be stored with in line with the University of Nottingham data management guideline where your data will be stored in a special form and will be edited so that you are referred to by a code number and the original data will be remain accessible only via the research coordinator (SA). Data will be analysed as part of the research study, the findings of which will be published and used to develop a clinical guideline. All stored data including your personal data will be destroyed after seven years from the end of the project.

This research protocol has been granted ethical approval by the University of Nottingham Medical School Ethics Committee (FMHS REC ref no 423-1911).

Deadline for completion/closure of survey: all three rounds will be completed by 15th of December, 2020

Round 1: end by 30 September 2020

Round 2: end by 15 November 2020

Round 3: end by 15 December 2020