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Occupational Therapist, Specialist in Hand Therapy

The occupational therapy practice Eisenhut is established in the occupational therapy treatment in Darmstadt. The team Eisenhut treats patients from all areas of expertise, which includes rheumatology, neurological, orthopedic, hand and spinal cord injuries as well as paediatrics.

The primary function of the candidate is direct patient care to prevent disability, promote health and increase independence by planning, developing, leading and administering the hand therapy rehabilitation program. Orthotic fabrication is optional. Treatment is done for out-patients.

The evaluation of the therapeutic effect is important to us. Regular team meetings, supervisions, internal training courses, as well as modern therapy methods ensure the quality of our work.

Payment is based on a fixed rate.

Work Schedule: Monday-Friday 9am - 5:30pm.

The individual must have a Bachelor's degree in occupational therapy and two years of experience as an occupational therapist.

Only education or degrees recognised by regional council of Darmstadt may be used to qualify for employment. The process of verifying your education will be supported by the employer.