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Occupational Therapist

Role Description

The Occupational Therapist at HCVI will be responsible for assisting HCVI to develop an occupational therapy service at the National Pediatric Hospital Rehabilitation Centre in Phnom Penh. This includes (but is not limited to)
• Observing patients in therapy sessions to identify potential patients who may benefit from occupational therapy services
• Identifying equipment and materials needed to create a suitable space needed to oversee the completion of the Occupational Therapy room

• Identifying and developing resources for the Occupational Therapy service at the National Pediatric Hospital Rehabilitation Centre, such as assessment tools, educational documents and OT-specific administrative materials

• Providing education to staff, families and stakeholders about Occupational Therapy and the benefits it may provide suitable patients

• Providing Occupational Therapy assessments, intervention and evaluation to suitable patients at the National Pediatric Hospital Rehabilitation Centre

• Participating in all required organizational staff development activities and processes

• Providing support to other staff and students at the National Pediatric Hospital Rehabilitation Centre

Key Skills

• Ability to ensure the provision and promotion of Occupational Therapy services in a pediatric setting

• Ability to assess, treat and advise in the area of pediatric development, occupational performance in preschool and school-aged children, including sensory processing, congenital, neurological and musculoskeletal conditions

• Strong communication skills - written and verbal

• Ability to develop and maintain professional relationships and networks

• Conflict management skills

• Commitment to teamwork

Educational/Vocational Qualifications

• Appropriate degree or equivalent which entitles registration as an Occupational Therapist
• Current registration with relevant Occupational Therapy registration board


• Demonstrated experience working in a clinical Occupational Therapy setting

• Demonstrated experience working with Pediatric clientele and their families/caregivers in a health setting

• Experience working in a multi-disciplinary team setting