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Gamification and the Role of Human Anatomy in Occupational Therapy Education and Practice

  • Purpose: This research aims to gather comprehensive insights into the perspectives of both occupational therapy students and practicing professionals regarding two key aspects. The first survey delves into the use of gamification and various methodologies in teaching anatomy, seeking opinions on effectiveness and the overall perception of gamification in educational contexts. The second and third surveys address the same theme, focusing on the role and significance of human anatomy in their respective fields. Both surveys explore preferred teaching methods and the importance assigned to specific anatomical regions. However, one survey gathers insights from occupational therapy students, while the other captures perspectives of professionals in the field.
  • Procedure for completing the survey: Participants are kindly requested to complete the survey by following the provided link for each respective questionnaire on Microsoft Forms. The surveys are designed to be user-friendly, with straightforward questions that should not take an extensive amount of time to answer.
  • How anonymity of data will be ensured: Rest assured, all responses provided in the surveys will be kept strictly confidential. No personally identifiable information will be collected, ensuring the anonymity of participants. Data analysis and reporting will be aggregated to maintain privacy.
  • Deadline for completion/closure of survey: The deadline for completing the survey is May 2024. Your prompt participation is highly appreciated, and the survey will be closed after this date to initiate data analysis.

Students and occupational therapy professionals can complete the survey here.

Occupational therapy students can complete the survey here.

Occupational therapy professionals can complete the survey here.