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Full Time Occupational Therapist - University of Gondar

Under the supervision of the Occupational Therapy department and the Ethiopia-based Project Co-Manager and Co-Director, the Occupational Therapist will be working on an innovative and ground-breaking project. The occupational therapy service provider will serve as a practitioner/educator to assist with the development and dissemination of the profession of Occupational Therapy in Ethiopia. Specifically, this role will involve the following: They will provide clinical service and teach undergraduate OT students at the University of Gondar in Ethiopia.

Duties and responsibilities of UoG Occupational Therapist :

  • Establish and deliver occupational therapy services at the UoG specialized hospital
  • Determine the role and scope of OT at the UoG specialized hospital.
  • Work in collaboration with other health providers to both demonstrate the unique contribution of occupational therapy and contribute to the establishment of a model of collaborative practice.
  • Use established occupational therapy processes and models to implement evidence-informed assessment, intervention and discharge planning for patients with a variety of ages and health conditions. Develop intervention approaches and models to support self-management to further treatment goals in the community
  • Manage time and prioritize and manage client caseload volumes
  • Evaluate the progress of both individual patients and the OT service.
  • Work in conjunction with relevant resources in the community and departments on campus to better support the part A scholars with disabilities at UoG
  • Support the UoG administrative team with their mission to make their campus accessible for those with disabilities given their knowledge in universal design.
  • Provide OT consultation services on a wide variety of issues related to the treatment of a range of clients from paediatrics through to older adults
  • Liaise with health care professionals and agencies in the community. E.g. CBR program and other rehabilitation centers (e.g. physical rehabilitation centers in Bahir Dar, Dessie and Addis Ababa)
  • Develop and deliver information sessions and training to staff, clients and others on health related and professional awareness topics.
  • Work closely with the Queen’s and UoG OT coordinators to identify potential clinical attachment sites where their supervision may be required for both the MSc OT students and the undergrad UoG OT students.
  • Provide input into the creation and development of an OT clinical skills lab for practical learning
  • Provide supervision as needed for clinical placements in Ethiopia for MSc (OT) students and undergraduate OT students of UoG. This role will be important to build clinical competence and also to build the individuals as professional pioneers.
  • Participate in team meetings, retreats, conferences, presentations as needed/appropriate
  • Develop innovative ideas and participate in the awareness building of the profession in Ethiopia
  • Participate in internal (UoG) and external (Ministry level, community, other professionals) sensitization workshops to build buy in and support of the profession as representative and service provider of the profession.
  • Participate as a member of the WFOT project group and OT association for Ethiopia
  • Teach/co-teach in undergraduate program at UoG in partnership with Ethiopian and Canadian faculty members
  • Participate in evaluation planning and implementation of the undergrad OT program using an Occupational Therapy lens, support the team to identify possible employment sites to support OT graduates upon completion of their studies. Support and mentor OT graduates to promote the profession in the workplace (e.g., they may need a support person to go to if they are having problems integrating as the first OT in a new environment)
  • Assist with partnership creation with college of medicine and health sciences, different schools and departments, community-based rehabilitation program and hospital at UoG to have interprofessional learning and collaboration for OT learning and service delivery
  • Working with the OT Coordinator and OT department to support the establishment and development of an OT library by providing occupational therapy perspective on the appropriate resources required
  • Promote research activities and participate on research and community development projects


  • Ability to communicate and work across cultures
  • Planning and organizational skills, foresight and management of potential, initiative and flexibility with the ability to problem solve, work within timelines
  • A professional with patience who can provide standard quality of care
  • Contribute to discussions to identify and determine project needs and workload
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills with the ability to make presentations to leadership, faculty, and team maintaining clarity, efficiency, and comprehensiveness
  • Ability to manage conflict and support those in conflict as appropriate
  • Comfort with uncertainty and applying knowledge and resources to new/unfamiliar contexts
  • Able to interpret, analyze, and implement policies and procedures, and recommend changes to meet goals.


  • BSc, MSc or PhD degree in Occupational Therapy, from a WFOT approved program.
  • A minimum of five years of clinical practice as an occupational therapist.
  • Experience teaching Occupational therapy courses would be an asset.
  • Excellent cross-cultural capacity and experience in international development contexts.
  • Ability to live in Gondar, Ethiopia full time, for duration of contract.
  • Ability to travel to various cities in Ethiopia to supervise students.

* Eligible applicants will be invited for online interview