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Body awareness after stroke

  • Purpose

The purpose of this research is to gain neurological therapists’ (physiotherapists and occupational therapists) understanding of body awareness following stroke.

Stroke is the leading cause of disability globally. It can result in sensory and motor impairments, making relatively simple tasks, such as eating, walking, personal hygiene, and social engagement difficult. Emerging evidence reveals that impairment in body awareness following stroke can recover. However, we are unsure if or how body awareness is currently addressed in clinical settings. Therefore, the aim of this project is to gain therapists understanding of body awareness to ultimately enable better assessment and management in stroke rehabilitation.

  • Procedure for completing the survey

The questionnaire can be accessed by clicking here or scanning the QR code (as shown on the recruitment flyer). A welcome page will be displayed, outlining research purpose, participation, completion instructions, and document link titled “Participant Information Sheet”, outlining further details relating to data management, presentation, and declarations.

The questionnaire will feature a mix of multiple-choice and short answer questions. Navigation of the questionnaire is undertaken by clicking on the 'forward arrow' at the bottom of each page to proceed to the next question. Previous responses can be amended or view again using the 'back arrow'. Clicking 'submit' at the conclusion of the questionnaire will submit all responses. If required, a partly completed submission can be left and returned to later for completion without loss of responses.

  • How anonymity of data will be ensured

Demographic data will be collected but does not require or contain any identifying information of therapist or patients, meaning the risk of confidentiality breach is eliminated.

Data will be stored on encrypted cloud storage on multiple locations to ensure backup and data loss is minimised.

Restricted access of raw data will be limited to the research team on password-protected computers.

Data exported from the online platform will be exported and deleted as soon as possible after all data has been collected to protect this information from potential unauthorised access.

  • Deadline for completion/closure of survey

The data collection phase of the research project will occur over a 7-month period, from August 2023 through to February 2024.