President's Message


Team Marilyn


Marilyn Pattison

Executive Liaison for: Asia Pacific

President’s Message – March 2019

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At the time of writing this message, the WFOT Executive Management Team (EMT) are preparing for their annual face to face meeting, to be held in Seoul, Republic of Korea, 1st – 5th April 2019. We have a very full agenda, which includes:

· Reviewing all projects and activities relating to the WFOT/WHO collaboration

· Sustainability for WFOT Executive and Council Meetings

· Financial review

· Council Meeting 2020 planning

· Congress 2022 planning

· Position Statements review

· Communications review

· Knowledge translation

· Mentorship for Research

· And, many more areas of the governance and operations of WFOT

During our time in Seoul, we will be joining our colleagues in the celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the Korean Association of Occupational Therapists – I am sure that you will join me in sending our congratulations to all of our Korean colleagues. We will also be supporting the work of KAOT by meeting with relevant government, education and health officials to promote the profession of occupational therapy in the Republic of Korea.

I would also like to congratulate Ergotherapie Austria and all Austrian colleagues on the occasion of their 50th Anniversary. Messages of congratulations from WFOT have been sent via video to be presented at the celebration event in April.

The WFOT Executive Management Team continues to volunteer considerable time to the myriad of activities that makes WFOT such an active and efficient organisation, promoting and supporting occupational therapy. Examples of activities to date in 2019 include:

  • Organising future events such as the EMT Meeting 2019, Council Meeting 2020, and the Executive and Council Meetings and Congress 2022
  • Responding to requests from WHO and other international NGOs for comment or input to various projects, reports and documents
    • WHO QualityRights E-Consultation - Good Practices of Community-Based Mental Health Services
    • WHO guideline development group on school health services
    • International Standard Classification of Occupations revision
    • Global Report on Assistive Technology
    • WHO Product Specification
  • Managing the development and approval processes of WFOT Position Statements and other documents.
    1. Four new Position Statements (available in the Resources section of this website – free download) were recently launched:
      • Occupational Therapy and Assistive technology
      • Occupational Therapy and Community-Centred Practice
      • Occupational Therapy and Rehabilitation
      • Role of Professional Occupational Therapy Organisations in Monitoring Practice
    2. Recently published documents (available free in Resources):
      • WFOT Resource Manual: Occupational Therapy for Displaced Persons
      • WFOT Guide for Occupational Therapy First Responders

WFOT appreciates the support of members and Member Organisations in contributing to our many projects. I am asking if you would consider donating to a new project – the production of ‘Working with Displaced Persons - A VR experience.’ This will be the second in a series of online educational modules provided by WFOT to members and others. This module will be a behaviour-change, virtual reality documentary for world-wide professional training and advocacy. It will enable participants to experience, explore, and develop new paradigms for working in communities disrupted by climate change, war or social justice issues.

This VR story of Theo, a committed, occupational therapist managing human rights for the people displaced from around the world to refugee camps in Greece - applying human rights to daily living, and building meaningful lives in thriving communities. The story will be extended through other videos to deliver training for occupational therapy professionals and students.

The VR preview and Donation portal are available at

I hope that members are enjoying the new WFOT website. This has been the culmination of many hours of voluntary work by Ritchard Ledgerd, Executive Director, and his website team. Please browse the website to explore the new information and resources available. Individual Members have access to exclusive content including the WFOT Bulletin. All Individual Members will need to activate their membership by registering their account on the new website, even if they had registered on the old website. Please register via this link

What an exciting start to 2019 and I look forward to many more achievements to come.

With best wishes

Marilyn Pattison


Read the Message in German, Portuguese, Spanish.